Below are a few of the many thank you notes and testimonials I have received from happy clients:

"I want you to know, yet again, how very grateful I am for my headshots, they are prompting WONDERFUL responses, I could not be happier! My rejuvenated acting career has SOARED in the last six weeks, Taylor, wait until I share with you and Sara how many calls, auditions,callbacks and jobs I have already had!!! I am in a play now! I had  my first rehearsal yesterday! Keep up your stunning work as a photographer. You deserve continuous success!" - Stephanie Pezolano
"I started a film/tv class today at TVI Studios and everyone kept asking, "wow, who did your headshots?" and I proudly stated, "Taylor Hooper, he's awesome." Just wanted to let you know." - Shani Hadjian

"Please forgive me being slightly remiss (I have been in production/tech mode these past two weeks) in writing to express my awe in regards to Alana Ruben's headshots. She sent me the link, and as I scanned each page, I became increasingly impressed with how brilliantly you captured her spirit!  I truly love the whole package...and, share a lot of your favorites! In fact, there are about a dozen which I would enlarge to 8 x 10!!! I am planning on meeting with Alana for tea tomorrow, and discussing the shots in more detail....I can't wait to see whichever ones she selects slightly retouched and printed.  You are an incredible team... both of you (in addition to being very cool people!!) are so natural and meticulous with your eyes and hands....and, I will continue to recommend your gorgeous work to every artist who will listen to me:)  We shall inevitably be in touch, and until we next speak (and I have my own session with you later this year), I remain Yours with great appreciation and best wishes for your continued success/fulfillment." - Stephanie Pezolano


"I wanted to send you and Sara a HUGE thank you for my headshot session last week.  I had an extremely fun time and you both made me feel very comfortable and like I was working with a couple of supportive friends.  I am absolutely thrilled with my photos and think they came out beautifully.  My friends, family, and teachers have been calling them "stunning."  I must admit that I was a little nervous before my shoot because the last time I had headshots done I was not very happy with the finished product and literally only liked one photo in the entire bunch.  This time I am facing the fortunate problem of having too many shots that I absolutely love!  I feel that they really capture my personality and the way that I view myself.  So thank you so much for your kindness, your energy, and for giving me such beautiful headshots for my senior year of college.  I will be telling ALL my friends about you.  Have a wonderful time adjusting to your new studio, and thank you again." - Maureen  Regan 

"Just spoke to one of my agents yesterday (finally got his ear to pick some headshtos)!  I freelance with Peter Coe.  He said "This is a tough decision for an actor, you've got like 30 useful headshots here.  So whoever did them, give him a high five."  Just thought you should know!" - Noreen Hughes

"Thanks for everything. The whole experience exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be back for more headshots in the future. Also will be recommending you to anyone and everyone that needs headshots. You and Sara were a true pleasure to work with and did a fantastic job of capturing exactly what I was looking for out of the photo shoot. Thanks for being so fantastic. You've made me a truly satisfied client." - Tyler Carolan

"I'm doing a shoot for Look Magazine UK in a little over a month and I couldn't have done it without your pictures. They we're beautiful and I just wanted to thank you again!" - Hailey Marsh

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great headshots. They really are fantastic, and I'm so happy with them. I appreciate your pricing, and especially the warm nature and kindness during the shooting session." - Ramya Anbalagan

"I tend not to be very articulate in person, so I didn't get a chance to thank you properly. That was one of the best heads hot experiences I could have hoped for. And considering I took the smaller package, it was much more fruitful than I expected. You guys are very good at what you do, and you definitely get actors, which goes a long way. I can't imagine going anywhere else the next time I need headshots." - Kevin Russo


"It was a pleasure working with you and Sara and I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for headshots." - Julie Stone


"I just participated in the Sorkin Week program through Syracuse Drama hosted by Aaron Sorkin himself in LA. While I was there I met with many agents, managers and casting directors and all of them loved my shots. I got some really great feedback from casting directors both in NYC and LA; "This is a girl who has a secret that I'd like to know more about!" "You look the same in person as you do in your heads hot. That is key in casting!" "The picture has a lot of personality and is someone I'd like to meet." It was so nice to have a headshot that I could really be proud of to show all these people that are working in the industry and have the potential to hire me. I think the headshots you took will definitely help me get the job and catch somebody's eye." - Caitlin Westfall


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