My goal is to give you headshots that will change your life. It sounds a bit dramatic, but I'm serious about it!  A headshot needs to be many things: The most important is that it shows you at your best and most dynamic. But above all, it needs to be real and honest. It can't be just a pretty picture. People come to me for headshots but they leave with so much more. Your time with me is more than just a headshot session, it is a career coaching session where we will hone in on your exact strengths, unique personality quirks, and figure out what makes you stand out from the crowd. I really care about my clients. You are NEVER just a number. I want you to be a huge success and I will do everything within my power to make getting headshots the best experience it can be.





FIRST: We start by talking about the roles you want to go out for in great detail. 

SECOND: We look through the clothes that you brought finding what will photograph best and bring out the adjectives that describe you and the characters you are going out for.

THIRD: It's time for make-up. For guys, it is extremely natural: just enough to make you look rested and clear skinned. For ladies, it's however much it needs to be to get you looking like you do on your best day at an audition.

FOURTH: We shoot.  I think of taking headshots as a conversation, an acting exercise, and an improv. We will play and experiment, trying lots of different set ups, all working towards capturing your core and essence. Throughout the shoot we will check in on the shots, to make sure you love what you see, and then strive to go even farther to get you the best headshots of your life.