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FAQ-Now That I have my headshots, what do I do with them?

Recommendations: Helpful books, stores and websites for actors

Clients often ask me advice on all kinds of different subjects. Below is a compilation of websites that are great resources for actors in any stage of their career.

There are countless books on the business side of "show business". I think one of the best is Acting As A Business by Brian O’Neil. Not only is it a great book but you can make a one-on -one appointment with him, and get solid and personalized advice on your career. The Drama Bookshop. They have nearly every play ever written as well as a huge selection of books and videos on all aspects of acting from the technical and artistic to the business side. If you are on a budget or just don’t want to pay full price, you can find used copies of nearly all these books on and

As a book junkie, I am always using these websites. The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts is a great place to go for so many reasons. They have a huge selection of Plays, books on Acting Technique, Theater History, Musical Theater History, The Business of Acting, etc. But they also have a video of almost every Broadway and Off-Broadway Musical and Play for the last 30 years. Subscribing to is a must for anyone who is in the acting business, or at least starting out. If you don’t have an agent or a manager, this is one of the only ways to know what auditions are coming up. They also have lots of great articles on the business. Speaking of Agents and Managers The Ross Reports Online is a great resource, it is now owned by Backstage, so you can get to it on their site. It’s basically the yellow pages for the acting world. It has every talent agent, and casting director listed with their contact info. It also has information on what TV shows and films are shooting, where and who casts them. It is the best resource if you plan on doing a mass mailing of headshots, etc.


One of the best ways to keep your finger on the pulse of what is going on in the theater world in New York is the the New York Times Online, Theater Page. Seeing Theater is a must if you want to be competitive in the acting business and one of the best ways to see shows, and save a little money is through TKTS through the Theater Development Fund which in it self is a great little website with lots of helpful info.


A great resource for Musical Theater actors are sheet music download sites. On all of these sites you can download sheet music, and on some you can have it transposed into different keys. It makes getting sheet music almost too easy! Check out these sites:


Other Related Websites you should know about: News and articles on and about Broadway and actors, producers, etc. Tickets for all kinds of performances. News, gossip, and more, all about or related to Broadway. Database of nearly every movie ever made with full cast, individual bios and headshots of every actor. Same idea as above but for Broadway. Everyone knows this site – but following their recommendations can be a great way to discover movies, directors, and actors you might otherwise ignore. This site has thousands of articles on every aspect of the Acting Business including articles on headshots and getting started. Also information on Acting and Audition classes. A wonderful organization that benefits people in all aspects of show business. The yellow pages of the New York acting world. Additional online resources for actors. Very affordable URLs, if you are putting together a website. Additional online resources for actors. a non-profit organization that provides services and support to artists and arts organizations. provides audition info and other resources for actors