HAIR AND SKIN - Headshot Tips by Taylor Hooper: Headshot Photographer, NYC




I always recommend that clients come to their headshot session with their hair done as they would wear it to an audition or a nice occasion.

It’s important to have a hairstyle that you love, and that you feel good about. If you have no idea where to begin, look at working actors that are your general type and, while you shouldn’t copy their look, you could take their look and adjust it to something more fitting for you.


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Good skin is essential for careers on stage or in front of the camera in New York City or Los Angeles. Makeup and airbrushing can cover most skin issues, but the better your skin looks naturally, the better your headshots will look overall. It is extremely important to have a solid skin care regimen in order to keep your skin looking great.


However, don't drastically change your skin care routine before arriving for your headshot appointment! It takes 30 days for your skin cells to turn over after reacting or improving from the use of a new product.


In an perfect world to have perfect skin, you'd have to limit or avoid the following from your life: sun exposure, smoking, stress, alcohol, dairy, wheat, sugar, salt, processed foods, etc. But we don't live in a perfect world! Keep things simple. If you can be aware of some of these factors a couple weeks before your headshot appointment, it definitely wouldn't hurt. But regardless of your lifestyle or the state of your skin, here are four simple things to remember to best prepare your skin for your session:




Avoid sun exposure


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