OUTDOOR SHOTS AND THE WEATHER - Headshot Tips by Taylor Hooper: Headshot Photographer, NYC

Natural light photography and outdoor headshots are really popular right now. It’s possible to shoot outdoors at any time of the year if you prepare the weather in mind. Unless, of course, the weather is extreme. If it’s too windy, rainy, well below freezing or unbelievably hot, it may not be possible to shoot, but there are tricks to get by in the in-between times, because let’s face it: In New York, the weather is rarely perfect.

This is for those of you who have long hair: If you wanted to do an outdoor shoot and it is a little breezy, layering on the hairspray so your hair is a little heavier and stays together will help a lot. Even if it feels nasty it will look great in the shots.

Drink a lot of ice cold water and wear whatever is the coolest: shorts or the like with pockets (it's always nice to have something to do with your hands) and flip flops. Unless you want a 3/4 or full body shot, it doesn’t matter what you are wearing on the bottom half. This will make it possible to wear a top or shirt that would otherwise be too warm on a hot and humid NYC summer day.

Slim-fitting outerwear is a no-brainer: leather jackets, pea coats, sweaters--anything that doesn't add too much bulk is great.  Long underwear can be handy too!  If you can wear long under wear under a pair of jeans, even if it’s not super cold outside, this can make it easier to stay outside longer and possible to wear a top that would other wise make you too cold.  In a headshot, we rarely see the hands so having a pair of gloves will make an outdoor shoot on a chilly day a little easier for you. Ladies, if you can find a camisole or tank top that works under a couple of different tops that you were hoping to wear, it will not only add a layer to fight off the cold, it will make it much easier to switch outfits during the outdoor headshot session. Also, since a headshot can just be head and shoulders, you can take your winter coat down just out of the frame and stay even warmer. Warm winter boots for the feet will also go a long way to keep you extra warm while we're outside.