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Headshot Homework

by Taylor Hooper


HEADSHOT HOMEWORK – Headshot Tips by Taylor Hooper: Headshot Photographer, NYC

The most important thing about your headshot is that it looks exactly like YOU when you walk into the audition room.  It should also show your essence, who you are, and how you are going to act the part that you are auditioning for. That’s a lot to stuff in one picture! Don’t worry it is possible (with a bit of preparation).

Here’s a little homework for you to complete before your headshot session.

This homework will not only assure that your acting headshot truly represents you, it is also a great way to prepare yourself for interviews with casting directors, managers and agents.

● How would your friends, family or people who know you best describe your personality?
● What types of roles are you going out for?
● Is there a working actor who is having your career, playing the types of roles you should play? Who is it?
● If there was a break down describing the perfect character for you to play what would the adjectives be?
● Is there a specific look you want to go for in your headshot?
● If you were on a T.V. show what would would it be? Or what type would it be?
● If you were in a commercial what products would you sell?
● What do you want your headshot to say about you?

If you can take your time and answer these questions thoughtfully, specifically, and accurately AND communicate the answers to me it will give us both a great professional advantage to get you headshots that WILL work for you.

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by Taylor Hooper

Taylor Hooper Photography now has an Official Youtube Page, packed with videos on all things headshots! Check out my videos on Headshot Homework, Preparing your Skin, and even how to be more photogenic in your shots! And if you have any questions or suggestions for future videos, please don’t hesitate to contact us either by email or in the comments of our Youtube videos!


Adorable Overload!

by Taylor Hooper

Comercial Headshots New YorkComp-card headshot  New YorkComp card Headshots NYCHeadshots NYC

Had a great shoot with an amazing little actress Josia Ruby Kushner currently shooting “The Intern” with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro

Dance Photography NYC

by Taylor Hooper

A brief interview about her Dance Shoot.

Amanda Castro is currently one of seven company members of Urban Bush Women based in New York. She’s just returned from UBW’s Summer Leadership Institute based in New Orleans and is getting ready for their 30th Year Anniversary National Tour beginning this Fall. This summer, She also choreographed American Dance Awards National Dancer of the Year Opening Number in Boston.
Taylor: “How are you going to be using your new Headshots”
Amanda: “I am looking to dive in commercially building my first website with the photographs from my shoot! My action shots have been used as promos for when I go teach & choreograph.”
Taylor: “Tell me about yourself as a performer”
Amanda: “Passionate in both Commercial and Theatre Dance, my mission is to continue to hone in on the skills and techniques of both worlds, not separately but as an integral study to better myself as a performer, teacher and choreographer. I have received my BFA in Choreography from California Institute for the Arts. Since graduation in 2013, I have been performing, choreographingand teaching around the United States.”
Taylor: “How did you feel the shoot went? Did you have fun?”
Amanda: “The shoot was amazing! It was great to have someone like you Taylor as my first photographer. You gave me time to relax and shake off my nerves! Most importantly, working with you made me realize how important it is to have high-quality photographs as a working artist, and how much plain fun it can be taking photos with someone who is just as passionate with their craft as I am with mine.”

Headshot Tips!

by Taylor Hooper

Below are a few links to articles with great headshot tips so you can get the most out of your headshots session.

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