A Bit About Your Photographer

by Taylor Hooper

Headshots NYC Photographer Taylor Hooper

A Family Legacy of Photography
I have pretty much always been interested in photography, but being a professional photographer didn’t cross my mind until pretty late in the game. Both my Father and Grandfather are and were amateur photographers, so it has always been part of my life. I recently looked through some old photo albums of shots I’d taken when I was a kid and up through college.

People not Places
One day it struck me: I seem to prefer shooting people rather than places or things. I’ve always been interested in capturing the moment-, and that’s what I am trying to do as a headshot photographer to this day: my goal for every headshot is to capture real moments in time, filled with personality and inner life.

My Mistakes as an Actor Needing Headshots
I came to New York City to be an actor- and one of the first things I did was to get headshots- and they were pretty lame. They had nothing going on at all! They were pretty pictures, and that’s what people kept saying- “you look pretty” and that was it. And it took my a while to figure out what the problem was. I was so nervous about getting the “perfect headshot” and at the same time trying to be all things to all people- “I’m an actor, I can do anything!” that it just turned out vague and soulless. As a photographer, I always try to bring out what is unique and special to the actor standing before me.

Covering All the Bases
People talk a lot about the variety of my portfolio- “wow you do it all- indoors, outdoors, natural light, studio light, comp cards, dance photography, etc.” I guess I don’t really think about it that way- my goal is to try to give my clients the widest variety possible within what is 100% right for them and their personality. I like to play around with options so that my clients walk away with every base covered.